Ingeborg Gfroerer
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* 1982 graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and
   Merchandising, Los Angeles and San Francisco
* 25 years' experience in couture fashion design business
* Specializing in Couture Fashion Design:

Ingeborg established her couture fashion design studio in Palo Alto, California in 1985.

Attention to detail is key to any Ingeborg design. The fit has to be perfect, and at times that may mean hand stitching parts of the garment, just as her mother taught her.

Through her years of experience and her natural talent, Ingeborg has built an outstanding reputation for superb quality, excellent design, perfect fit as attested to by her loyal following.

The San Jose Mercury News and the publication Gentry have interviewed and highlighted Ingeborg and noted the high quality of her work and the uniqueness of a personal haute couture in the Bay Area.